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This page hosts the previews of our upcoming walks and is normally updated with new events near the end of each month, except in November and December. All of our walks are open to the public except those marked as a member only event.

The details of our upcoming walks are also contained in our Club Newsletter, which you can download using the links at the bottom of the page. The newsletters, which are published every month except in January, also contain reviews of our walks from the previous month and general Club news.

Register To Attend A Walk

red exclamation markPlease note that registration for a walk closes at noon of the day before the walk.

Visitor or Guest

If you want to participate in a walk as a guest you must register using the Contact Form. Your details will be forwarded to the Walk Leader who will then contact you to assess your level of experience and determine if the walk is appropriate for you. If you are approved to participate, download the Guest Walker Form and sign the acknowledgement of risk, then present the completed form plus the $5 participation fee to the Walk Leader at the meeting point. You may participate in up to three walks as a guest before deciding if you want to join the Werribee Bushwalking & Outdoor Club.

Children may participate as a guest on some of our walks, but they must be accompanied and supervised at all times by a parent or guardian.

Member of BV Affiliated Club

If you are a member of another Bushwalking Victoria affiliated club you are welcome to participate in our walks but you must register as a guest using the Contact Form and advise the name of your regular club. Your details will be forwarded to the Walk Leader who will then contact you and generally approve your participation. In this case a Guest Walker Form is not required and the $5 participation fee will be waived.

WBOC Member

If you are a member of the Werribee Bushwalking & Outdoor Club you should register directly with the Walk Leader.

Things You Need To Know

  1. The meeting point for all of our walks, unless otherwise advised by the Walk Leader, is the car park in Werribee opposite Hungry Jacks. Enter the car park from Werribee Street South (Princes Highway) Melbourne-bound.
  2. All participants must sign-in on the activity register at the meeting point and provide their emergency contact details.
  3. The majority of our walks involve car pooling and it is expected that each passenger will contribute to the cost of fuel by making a small donation to their driver, normally $5 or $10 depending on the distance.
  4. Many of our walks conclude with the group adjourning to a local café for refreshments before returning to Werribee.
  5. If you are interested in a particular walk you should read the full walk preview in conjunction with our Walk Rating Scheme. The rating of a walk is based on the most challenging aspect of the track, with the grading level indicated by the Track Grading Symbol. Apart from distance, the grading may be unduly affected by the conditions in one section and therefore not indicative of the entire walk. The walk preview should provide sufficient details for you to determine if the walk is within your capability.
  6. Typically on a walk you will need a backpack, good walking shoes or boots, 2-3 litres of water, lunch, snacks, and your own small first aid kit including any personal medications you may need. Depending on the time of year you might also need sunscreen and a hat or cap. We also recommend a lightweight rain coat or poncho that can be stored in your backpack.

Our Upcoming Events

Grade 3 rating iconSunday 10 November 2019

Boar Gully to Slate Quarry

Distance: 12 km circuit

Departure: 8.00 am

Leader(s): Rob

The walk starts at Boar Gully Camping Ground where toilets are available. We follow Thompsons Track to Link Track then join Thompsons Road. We follow the road until the second junction of the Burchell Trail. At this point two walk options become available.

Option 1: take the steep section of track to Slate Quarry and then proceed to the first junction of the Burchell Trail. This more challenging option is rated as Grade 4 and the walk distance is 14 km.

Option 2: return to the first junction of the Burchell Trail to meet the other walkers.

We return to Boar Gully via the Burchell Trail. Depending on time we will have a late lunch at the camping ground, so bring a good snack for morning tea. We may also be lucky and see some wildflowers and orchids. Bring plenty of water, snack, lunch, rain gear and suitable footwear.

Grade 4 rating iconSunday 17 November 2019

Werribee Gorge to Junction Pool

Distance: 7.6 km return

Departure: 8.30 am

Leader(s): Rob

The climb to the Island is about 1 km and steep in places. The return climb from the Myrniong Creek is hard in places.

The walk starts at the Quarry Car Park and follows the track up and down the hills, past Hansens old farm to a junction. Leaving the circuit track the trail passes through the ironbark forest arriving at Junction Pool where the Myrniong Creek joins the Werribee River. The pool is a pretty area with Platypus and Native Water Rats in residence, although in all my visits I have never seen them.

After a break we cross Myrniong Creek via a small bridge to the Island. Thankfully, the track has been cleared of stinging nettles and follows the creek for a short distance before climbing to the summit.

After many rest stops, to regain our breath, the top is reached. There is a 1 km circuit to a bench, a good place to stop for lunch, with views over the gorge. Sometimes Wedge Tail Eagles can be seen circling overhead. Hopefully they will be present on the day.

We then return the way we came to the car park. It is advisable to bring plenty of water, a raincoat, your lunch and a hat. Please note this walk will be cancelled due to rain or hot weather.

If the day is very warm plan B may apply. The climb to the Island summit is very exposed to the sun, so an alternative walk is as follows: Walk to Junction Pool, return to the circuit track, then to Picnic Point over looking Needles Beach and the Gorge, before returning to the car park.

Grade 3 rating iconSunday 24 November 2019

Two Creeks Walk

Distance: 8.4 km circuit

Departure: 8.00 am

Leader(s): Rob and John

This walk is located near Daylesford. There are no toilets on the walk so a stop in Daylesford is planned. Long trousers or gaiters would be handy when walking through the bush section.

We start at the junction of Porcupine Road and the Great Divide Trail (GDT). The well-defined trail passes through forest before crossing several small bridges and a larger one spanning a gully. Further along are the remains of an old cottage with only the chimneys standing.

At Browns Gully the area flattens out providing pleasant scenery. The GDT continues through forest, up a hill to a ridge, were the walk now leaves the GDT. Following the ridge there are views to each side with an unusual rocky outcrop across the track.

At the intersection with Link Track the walk turns right to Wewak Track, then left in a westerly direction towards Sebastopol Creek - a good spot to stop for lunch. Sebastopol Creek was dry on the day of the preview and it's a bit of a stretch calling it a creek. Some wildlife and pretty birds were seen on this section.

From here on it's a bush bash using the compass for direction. The track is very vague and parts of the creek can be seen (with a bit of imagination). Eventually we reach Porcupine Ridge Road where we turn left. From here it's about 1 km easy walking back to the starting point.

Bring plenty of water, a raincoat, your lunch and a snack. A coffee stop at Daylesford on the way home would round off the day.

OZhiking bannerWant to know where we have walked in the past? Many of our walks since 2015 have been documented by a Club member at Aussie Hiking Adventuresexternal link opens in new window/tab.

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