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Join The Club


To become a member of the Club, complete a Membership Application Form and accompany it with the appropriate membership fee payment. (A link to the new two page Membership Form can be found below. Please print double sided on one sheet of paper if possible and be sure to complete both pages).

Current Membership Fees: Single: $35.00/year Family: $60.00/year

Fees fall due in July of each year, payable at or before our Annual General Meeting in August. Partial year memberships are also available when joining after March 31st.


You are welcome to attend any of our monthly meetings to meet our members.

You can participate in up to three activities before joining the club. This gives you an opportunity to see if the club is suitable for you.

You are required to complete a Guest Walker Form (see attachment below) and pay a small fee of $5 on each separate occasion. These fees will be deducted from your membership if you decide to join the club within the same financial year.

What to Bring on a Walk

 Typically on a walk you will need the following: a back pack, good walking shoes or boots, 2-3 litres of water, lunch, snacks, a personal first aid kit, sunscreen in summer, a hat or cap and any medications you require. Because the weather can vary we recommend that you bring a rain coat or poncho that can be folded up in your backpack.